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In the Middle of the Ocean

I'm the one pecking at the keyboard.  Let me tell you a little about me.

My name is Stephen.  Online, I go by "iccee" and when people are confused I have to tell them "IamIccee" as my other handle.  I am a USF Bull with a degree is Sociology which I use to give my social commentary on some of my posts.

Some areas of expertise include work experience, hobbies, or just general reading.  I'm a pretty smart guy and I like sharing with others.  I'll sell very few things here since I am a big fan of free things and want people to have them for free.  Knowledge, prizes, information... As much of it as I can give away, I will.  All I ask is that you consider clicking an ad for me.  Those guys don't mind paying me for their exposure.

If anyone is interested, I also do consulting which can be very helpful when I have a skill set you can use. I'll list areas of expertise.

Work Experience:
Photography and Writing - Published and all - Photoshop included
Construction - Home Security Alarms and CCTV too
Credit Repair - I know the secrets and it part of why I started this blog
Business Experience - Starting and running one as well as management
Social Media - I can grow an account and really connect with the community

Hobby Experience:
Computers - Taking them apart, fixing them, optimizing, and finding the best software and alternatives
Cell Phones - Hook a smart phone up with computer and I can really work on it. I make ringtones too
Stats - I love to crunch the numbers
Monetizing Web Spaces - It's kind of a reverse hobby in it pays me!
Etc - I'm sure there's more, but this isn't a resume.

Want me to write about something?  Leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do for ya.  Thanks for interacting and I look forward to helping you out.

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