Monday, November 26, 2012

Big New TV... Now What?


Okay, so I am guessing most of us survived Black Friday and some are even working on Cyber Monday deals.  If you are anything like me, you just HAD to have a new TV this year.  Well since I am moving into a new house (if we can ever close) I just had to get a new TV.  I got the Wal-Mart 60" deal on Thanksgiving night and I only had to stand in line for like 2 hours.

Anyway, I digress... So now that you have your new fancy HUGE television... What is the best way to show it off?  Simple...  Planet Earth [Blu-ray] ...

If you have never heard of it, just YouTube or Google it.  With any Blu-Ray player and large TV, this series completes the package.  Stunning 1080p video will really show off your cool new TV and you may even find yourself quite amazed at what you are seeing.  There are about 4 different versions to choose from and all are recommended, but the 5 disc seems to be the most popular for both quality, features, and price.

So head on over to Amazon or your other favorite retailer (I'm also a huge fan of MovieStop) and pick up your copy today.  When you go to show off your new TV, you truly will stun and amaze with this feature.

Where Have I Been?

Yeah yeah, sorry about being gone so long.  I had some troubles looking for a job and when I finally found one... It was horrible.

I have now since found good, stable employment doing a job that I actually enjoy and getting benefits I cannot even begin to describe how good they are.

I also get two days off a week now, and since one is during the week, I hope to get back to writing more interesting things for you guys.  The next subject up is BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahh, Elvira...

I Gotta Have A Halloween Posting, Right?

Well, something has occurred to me that many have probably thought of before, but there are a couple of things that simply go with Halloween when discussing pop-culture.

Halloween (The Movie)
Charlie Brown Halloween Special (I got it on Blu-Ray this year!)
Trick or Treat (of course)

So what's the big deal about Elvira you ask?  Simple... She's got the sex appeal, the sarcastic, yet funny, remarks during movies, and the number one selling female Halloween costume of all time. (unconfirmed, but I read that somewhere)

Wait, She's How Old?!?

Anyway, so let's talk just a few fun facts about the wonderful Elvira.  Born in 1951, Elvira is 60 years old.  You read that right... SIXTY!  We all know that's pretty amazing since she still looks about the same once she's in makeup and has her hair on.

So given how long she's been in the public eye, there isn't much mystery around the woman (Cassandra Peterson) who is Elvira, but there is some interesting little tidbits that can be found out when researched.  Her age is one of the things that I did not expect, but then again, she's being doing her Movie Macabre since I was born.

She Has A Personal Life Too!

Yeah, she's not just Elvira, she also is a real person and mostly a vegetarian. She hits the gym almost daily and she supports PETA.  Just a few tidbits... I'll give a few more and then wrap it up after the pictures below.

Last few facts.

Born: Cassandra Peterson (September 17, 1951)
Dated Elvis briefly (according to her Wikipedia Page)
Worked as a Go-Go Dancer, Showgirl, and Actor (Yes, nudes if you look for them)
Measurements: 34-21-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
Although she has appeared in nude layouts, she has never appeared nude as the Elvira character.
Her website charges $45.00 for an autographed 8x10

Well, that's the long and short of it... There's more info on her IMDB, Wikipedia, or her own website if you care or dare to take a stare... Also, don't forget to follow me on here or on twitter or the likes... (To watch some of her stuff on HULU)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Android Shipping App - Tracking Software

Okay, so today I am back from vacation and I actually have things to blog about.  Cool huh?  Yeah, It's been a while, but it's all gonna be okay.

So what do I have for you today?  PACKAGE BUDDY for Android.  I recently acquired an Android OS phone and I have been on the search or some of the best apps out there.

I enjoy getting mail and love tracking packages as they are on their way to me.  I also ship a moderate amount of packages and l like to know when they are received.

Introducing PACKAGE BUDDY.

You download it, start it up, and work out your settings, and add a tracking number.  Now the links I have included are for the $1.49 version of the app, but there is also a free version that is ad supported.

What is my favorite thing about it?  Bar Code Scanning!!!

If you go to their WEBSITE you can enter your tracking info and they will create a QR code which you can scan into their software with your phone's camera.  You can also scan the actual shipping barcode to input tracking information.  I have a UPS package outgoing today and I was able to scan it and now I'll know when it gets back to Amazon safely.

You can also pull up a map to see the routing of the tracked package with Google Maps.  It's worth at least checking out.  I'll be donating by buying the ad-free version and if you like it, you should too.  These guys actually made a great app and should be rewarded appropriately.

Also, the free version is not a "lite" version or anything like that.  The only difference is ads and I have much respect for any developer that will not cripple their own software just to try and get to you pay for a "PRO" version.

Have a good one and feel free to leave some feedback.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Music - My Take On It!

Okay, let's say you went out and bought a Joshua Radin album and you put it on your iPod.  That's great, you listen to it, enjoy it, then you lose your iPod.  What do you do then?


Google has done something that Amazon, Apple, and a few others have already done.  Why should anyone be surprised that Google isn't in the thick of things that the people want right now?

So what makes Google Music better/worse than other services?  Well, I don't know much about the iCloud, but I got a beta invite to Google Music and I like it so far.  Amazon limits the total size of free music to 5GB.  You can upgrade for a fee to 20GB, but I'm all about the free stuff.

Google Music limits it's current users to 20,000 songs.  YEP! That's right... 20k!!!  And to get things started, they give you a good bit of music to get your feet wet.

Now, About The Interface

For starters, you have to download the "Music Manager" software to upload your tunes.  I didn't particularly like that, but some things are necessary to keep things under control.  The manager registers your computer and you have up to like 8, I think.  It basically runs the same way Netflix does on their streaming service.

Basically you have a Play/Pause, FWD, BACK, SHUFFLE, REPEAT, THUMBS UP/DOWN, and VOLUME button to play with.  You can see the album cover (if available) and the progress of the song as it goes.  You can also create and even import your playlists.

For testing purposes, I just had it import my iTunes database.  As you can see from the picture, some of the songs have been skipped due to size (it's trying to pull audiobooks too for some reason), corruption, or empty files. After a full 24 hours, I think my whole database should be about uploaded.  Then I can delete all the audiobooks and listen away.  The manager will also load with your computer (if you allow it) and it will look for new music to upload automagically in your watch folders or iTunes database.


I'll keep working with it.  I have one of the pilot CR-48 laptops and I am waiting for a Chrome Store App for it that will make things easier, but for now I can remember when I need to go to it.  I also have every intention of getting an Android phone before too long, so then I'll be able to take my music with me in the cloud and save my storage on my phone and memory card for movies, pictures, video, games, apps, etc.

If you can get an invite, try to get one... At least use it for now until they decide on a price.  I understand they plan on charging for this, but we'll see what happens once Apple goes live.  Maybe they'll just interrupt every few songs with a short commercial like Pandora does to keep things free.

Anyway, that's my take.  If you click the Amazon link above, listen to some of the Joshua Radin music.  It's soft, mellow, relaxing, and overall good in that folky sort of way.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's here... Hurricane Season '11

Well... Hurricane season is upon us.  If you are anything like me, you like to check on the tropical outlooks. is the website where you can do that.

Experts are saying that this year is going to be bad for hurricanes, but I don't believe it as much as they are trying to say so.  There is no way to really know, but we'll see what happens.  Some people believe that we are "due for a big storm" since it's been a few years, but it's not a good excuse for raising insurance rates.

This will be short, but basically, make sure you have plenty of bottled water on hand, check the website above to see what's going on and make sure you have a plan for what to do if a small, medium, or large hurricane hits.

     Secure pets, bring in plants, gather up your daily meds, and make sure you have plenty of prepackaged food, water, and batteries.

     Same as small, but consider your evacuation plan.  You might be in an area that deems evacuation and you'll want a full tank of gas and everything ready to go.

     Same as small and medium, but be sure you are not one of the last ones to leave.  Roadways will jam and it will make it difficult to leave if you wait too long.  If you have a safe inland place to go, go early.  Be sure before you leave to unplug anything you can and getting things off the floor in case of flooding.

Most of all... Be safe and be prepared.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Credit Repair : DIY and Credit Repair Company Info


     And it is quite okay.  I am happy to provide my knowledge of working in the credit repair world with you to help you be better prepared to work on repairing your credit and/or picking and dealing with a credit repair company.  It is my goal that after you read this, you will be ready to make a decision that can change your life and your credit.  I plan to empower you with the knowledge that will not only help you improve your credit, but prevent you from wasting your money with a company that only wants to scam you.

Should I DIY or hire a Credit Repair Company?

     Truth is, it can be quite scary trying to do it yourself if you don't know what you are doing.  The new trend in credit repair company advertising is the "Pay Per Deletion" method.  What they don't tell you is that after your first deletion or repair, they are going to charge you an administration or processing fee.  I have seen these fees run between $75-$150 depending on the company.

     Why do companies do this?  They do this to make sure they secure some extra cash to cover commissions they pay to workers who only work on commission.  That's right, your personal information is given to people who are not actually affiliated with the company other than pulling a percentage of your fees!

     What I will do to assist you in your decision is being by telling you how the credit repair model is set up from the ground up and I will also tell you about the inner workings, what happens to your personal and critical information.  After that, I will tell you about the actual credit repair process and how easy it is to do it yourself so that you DIY folks can get back on the road to financial freedom.

Credit Repair Companies:

     Now a days, there are many companies to choose from when it comes to a credit restoration company for you to hire.  For starters, any company that will charge you a monthly fee will take your money and not do much work while you continue to pay them for a service they aren't performing (at least not at a normal pace).   DO NOT HIRE ANY COMPANY WHO CHARGES BY THE MONTH!  I can't stress that enough.  Too many people called me and said they had paid about $800 to a company who only got 4 things off and their credit score never went up.

     Here are some laws that govern all credit repair companies, so don't get caught with any company breaking these laws or you will probably get scammed.

     THE LAWS:  

  • No credit repair company can take ANY money up front. PERIOD!
  • No credit repair company (unless they are credit counselors too) can discuss your credit score. This is a big one, because you want credit repair to increase your score, but they can't even discuss it.  Be leery of any company who freely talks scores with you.
  • No company can promise you any results.  This includes the promise of deletions or score increases. The companies who guarantee 20 points in two weeks will most likely take your money and run.  
     Just remember those 3 laws and you can weed out most scam companies.  There are a ton of them and everyone wants your money, so don't get caught up with any company who is just going to take your money and run.  If they are legit, they will be more than happy to explain how they remain compliant in both operations and billing.

Credit Repair Company Operations:

     This is how it works...  When you find a company online, they will ask you to fill out a form.  If they are anything like all these credit repair companies that are popping up all over the place, I'll tell you exactly what happens.  This is the way some of the larger companies work too.  It's about to get scary.  You fill out the form and there goes your personal information.  Once they have your information, it is too often stored in a computer and/or filing cabinet.  Whoever gets the initial form will put it in a pool of sales people or assign it to a sales person.  If it goes into a pool, many people can then see it all.  If it goes to one person, that's better, but still not ideal.  When I say all of your information, I mean your Social Security #, a copy of your Drivers License, a Current proof of residency, and basically anything else someone would need to steal your identity.

     Why wouldn't they steal your identity?  Basically when you come to a credit repair company, your score is not worth stealing.  However, once you are done with them, you have a more desirable score and it only takes one disgruntled employee to take the information they are working on and run with it.  These companies tend to have high turnover due to their "commission only" payment structure.  I can tell you right now that I have a laptop that stopped working right and it has a few hundred identities on it.  I can turn it on, open a folder, and show you tons of social security numbers, ID, passwords, and etc to make sure I could take out several credit cards or more.  Just remember, it's best to keep your info to yourself.

So why do they NEED all of my info?

     Credit repair companies need information that only you know because they don't actually work on your credit as a company.  All they do is work AS YOU doing things that you can legally do to try and repair your credit.  In a sense, they steal your identity and use that to dispute items on your credit report.  If you are wondering what that means, I'll walk you through the process now.  Since credit repair companies can't actually write in to the bureaus to "repair" your credit, they act like they're you sending in these letters.

The Actual Process (Credit Repair 101):

     Things you will need (to give a company or to DIY):  A copy of your driver's license with your current address printed on it.  Some states give you a sticker and that will not work.  A copy of your social security card.  A W2 can work too if it's printed from and e-file linked company.  A current utility bill (cable, electric, landline phone or bank statement).  These must be no more than 45 days old.  The last piece to this puzzle is a dispute letter.

     You will also need a copy of your credit report to know which items you are going to dispute to try and get removed and/or corrected on your credit report.  I'll give some links for free credit reports at the end.


     Once all the copies are gathered up, the level 1 letter goes off to each of the 3 bureaus.  DL, SS Card, Utility Bill, and letter are all stuffed into an envelope and sent to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  The level 1 letter is to establish your identity and residency.

     Level 1 will look at all the names, addresses, and current/previous employers.  In pay-for-deletion models, companies will make several hundred dollars just off this simple step.  2 incorrect names per bureau plus 1 old address at $25 an item is $225 + $100 = $325 for a company (yeah, don't forget the admin fee) just for printing a few pages and putting a stamp on 3 envelopes.  At this point, your score will be completely unaffected and you're going to be paying several hundred dollars for almost nothing.

     Why is Level 1 important?  Everything on your credit report MUST be 100% accurate and 100% verifiable.  Since addresses and old names cannot easily be verified, they tend to come off very quickly.  Once they are off and you are going after accounts, the information on the bad accounts is more likely to be linked to those old names and/or addresses.  Once they try to verify that information against personal details that are no longer on your credit report, it is no longer 100% accurate and must come off your credit report.  Neat, huh?


     This is where the magic happens.  You won't need a utility bill or bank statement for this or any other levels.  After you get a reply from the bureaus about your Level 1dispute, you will see that you should only have 1 variation of your name, 1 address, and 1 employer.  The Level 2 letter asks for the bureaus to verify the accounts listed. (You'll list your negative accounts in the letter)  Level 2 is pretty standard too as you are attacking a broad list to see if you get any luck.  Once you get results letters back, you can either retry Level 2 or move on to Level 3.  If you have more than like 3-5 accounts you are going after, break up Level 2 into a few separate letters.


     Level 3 is where you attack public records (bankruptcy, tax lien, civil judgement) and inquiries.  Inquiries can be attacked at any time, but it's best to wait until Level 3.  This is typically the last level that you'll have to go through.  If you don't like your results from Level 2 or 3, there is a Level 4, but it's mostly specialty things or the point where you go after the actual creditor or collection agency.

Done It, Now What?

     Now that you have gone through the credit repair process, there are typically a few questions.  What if something removed shows back up?  Well, if that happens, there is a letter for that which states that you know it is against the law for this to re-report and you expect to either have it removed again or to have damages paid to you.  So once something comes off, it's supposed to stay off.  The only exception is if a collection account is removed and then sold to another collection agency.  At that point, you have to perform "credit repair" again for that account.  A Level 2 letter will take care of that.

Letters, Right?

     Yes, letters.  Basically they will need a few things to be acceptable.  They will need to cite the laws pertaining to credit reporting.  They will need your personal info and they will need your request for which accounts you want removed.  You can also buy the templates from me and I will be happy to email you a Word Document so you can basically just fill in the blanks.  The link for that is coming up with the rest of the links.


     If you would like to buy the letters, I have priced them well below most credit repair or credit restoration company's price for you to Do It Yourself.

     You will also need a copy of your credit report.  It's not a bad idea to have credit monitoring, but if you just want to get it once for free, try out one of these two links.  Both will give you a full 3-Bureau credit report with score.  They also have trials for Free and $1 respectively.  Cancel after you print your report and you've got it.  Pulling your own credit report WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR SCORE.  So pull it as much as you want.  It only affects you if someone else pulls your credit report.

I will leave comments enabled on this to help give some advice for any questions you may have or if there is anything unclear that I need to clarify or add to this guide.  Thanks and don't forget to tell a friend.  If this has been helpful, please consider using the DONATE button on the right hand side of the page. Or, though I can't ask you to click any ads, if you happen to see any ads that might interest you, feel free to click on them and check em out.  It all helps.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the World: Why it Didn't Happen... AGAIN!


Imagine that... The world didn't end and you're probably nursing a pretty bad hangover right now.  I guess this makes it another end of the world averted.  So why is there a pretty good chance that this never was meant to happen?  Perhaps it has to do with the long running track record of failed predictions.

Between the Y2K doomsayers (Jan 1, 2000) and now,  there have been around 70 dates or approximations for the end of the world.  Think about that for a second... 12 years and 70 predictions...and the best part... ZERO accuracy.  There's still even one more prediction we have to get through this year before we can worry about next year.

If you go to THIS INTERESTING SITE by Chris Nelson you will be educated to past, present, and even future "End of the World" predictions.  Some are vague, some are comical, and some are so tightly wrapped to mathematical equations that they MUST be true, for how would we know any difference without an advanced degree in math and science.

So What's the Point of Predictions?

People inherently like to feel like they know what's coming.  I get that.  Nobody likes to be taken by surprise with something as epic as the end of the world.  There are several reasons why people might predict the end of the world and I'll give some of my theories.

Some people are just fear mongers and love to stir the pot.  Most fear comes from the fact that you don't know what is going to happen.  Fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of dying, etc... When you say the world is coming to an end, you provide the pseudo-proof and nobody can provide anything to the contrary.  Because there isn't anything to disprove the prediction, it makes it a plausible scenario.  The fact that it is now plausible is a scary thought, because what if it does come true?

Money rules the world.  More people will try to prove it's going to happen than not because a strange thing happens when people are scared... They get prepared JUST IN CASE.  They prepare by stockpiling, partying, upgrading, and topping off supplies.  If I am selling supplies that you will stockpile, I will do my best to convince you that you need more so that I can bring my profitability up and make a better life for myself and my family.  "Spend it all, tomorrow it will be worthless...If you're even here at all.  Can't take it with you." So by that thought... Just give it all to me.  Then when the world doesn't end, I'll be in a better position.

What's the quickest way to pack out a church?  Natural disasters, wars, and the end of the world.  We had a guest preacher in church a little while back and he was talking about how he preaches in the jungles of South America (I think), and he spoke about how he's converting many people and they want to get right before the Rapture and the end of the world.  It made me sick to think that he might actually have a ministry based on the "Get Right or Get Left" premise.  I really hope I misunderstood him, but some preachers will use the FEAR to get MONEY to grow the RELIGION.  Good, bad, or indifferent, I think people should come to God on their own and not because they think the world is ending soon.

Lastly, how many of you when to a "Last Night on Earth" party on New Years Eve '99?  Better yet, how many of you were partying over this last weekend for the same reason?  New Years Eve always plays host to parties, but who celebrated May 21st?  How many of you did something (or someone) you now regret because the world didn't end?  Who bought something they couldn't afford?  Many people like the fact that the "I thought the world was ending..." excuse is now on the table.  You don't have to always blame it on the alcohol if you have that in your pocket.  "I always wanted to... ...and did it since the world was ending."  Now you regret it, or now you're glad you did it, but either way - You did it!  Why did you have to have an excuse?  Because you are human.  Make everyday a life without excuses and listen to the Nike motto... JUST DO IT!

Will They EVER Get it Right?

Who knows... The most important thing is just this.  If you're worried about the world ending soon, remember that there are many more predictions already struck in stone and if you want to use them as an excuse to have a party, then that's your prerogative.  Go for it.  If you want to try something new, Go for it!  If you want to make sure you're right with the lord, Get it done!  Basically, just don't do something so stupid that you'll have to pay for it tomorrow, because chances are that the world isn't ending.

So What Did You Do?

Same thing I do every night... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!  HAHA...

Thanks for reading.  Don't forget to go to A Brief History of the Apocalypse and educate yourself on the Apocalypse and how it get's been promised time and time again.  If you liked this post, please consider donating.  Every little bit helps and encourages me to continue this work.

Have a great day... It may be the last one!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse, The Rapture, and Last Friday

Well, I woke up this morning to find out that people are seriously worried about the world ending tomorrow.  Twitter is abuzz with Zombie Apocalypse talk, Rapture talk, Thanking God this is the Last Friday, and big news about Barnes and Noble getting a $1Billion dollar bid. Yes, I know the word and dollar sign makes it redundant.


Two choices here... 1. Go nuts and buy up as much water, ammo, and toilet paper as you can afford... Or screw it, credit won't matter if you're right... Go to Costco and max out those credit cards.  2. Realize that ever like 17 years, the world is supposed to end and know that we're cool.

Look it up, 1988, 1992, 1999, 2011, 2012, it just goes on and on.  But that's not the point, so in case you are worried about it... I'll give you some help.


If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

Fear not, the CDC is hear to help. Click it and enjoy. Max Brooks is also available and after reading most of this book, I can say I think I am ready.


What are you going to do about that?  Get right with the lord...

Or in the case of whatever I just put to the left, break glass.  I don't endorse that, I just needed something to fill some space.  Now I'll present a video or something for you.

NOW LAST FRIDAY!!! (or Final Friday)

Sorry, I know that's not the last thing you wanted to see before the Zombies come, the Rapture comes, or whatever else people believe in.

To make it up to you, I'll leave you with a clip of the best gun to take with you to a Zombie Hunt.  Have a good day and see how many followers you can get on this #LASTFRIDAY.  Take care and follow me by clicking the little bird that's been flying around.

Don't forget to click and ad.  If this is your last day, do something you've never done before... CLICK AN AD :)  Thanks.

I almost forgot.  If you didn't hear about the 7 year old kid handing out HEROINE in class... Get your read on... It's a strange world we live in.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To: Make Money With Blogger - Ad Revenue Explained

Is it really possible to make significant money just blogging?

You bet it is!  Can you do it?  That's up to you.  Blogging for cash is not for everyone.  Some people just want to keep an online journal or occasionally blog to keep the creative process flowing.  I've done both.  I actually even made some ad revenue doing that, but it was peanuts compared to what I am about to teach you.

Lesson 1: What brought you here?

EXACTLY... You saw something appealing and clicked on it.  I have knowledge that I am willing to share for free.  Not everyone possesses this information, but since I do, I can use it to drive up my traffic.  I also have the time to dedicate to blogging a few times a week.  This is important, because I don't ever want to cool off and lose my readership or following.  Sure, most people won't read everything I've written, but that's because my wide range of knowledge lets me hit more than one topic.  (Later I'm going to show you how to do CREDIT REPAIR on your own.)  More after the break.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To: Get More Twitter Followers For Free! (No Follow Back Required)

How'd you get so many followers? You're not THAT interesting...

True... I may not be terribly interesting, but something has brought you to this site, right?  Yeah, you probably saw the title and thought, "I'm cheap/broke and I want to increase my Twitter followership for (whatever reason)."  Guess what?  I can help you dominate your circle, your city, etc.  Best of all, I can do it ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

Common questions about the method I'm going to show you below are as follows...
1.) Do I have to pay anything? At all? - NO! Not unless you want to.
2.) Do I have to tweet stupid ads or anything? - NO!!! I hate those and refuse to subject you to that.
3.) Do I have to follow a bunch of people? - NEVER!!! I haven't followed anyone I don't want to yet.
4.) What's the catch? - Do you have about 6 hours? If so, then there's no catch at all! (Though donations are appreciated).
5.) So how do I know this works? - You don't! But I personally gain about 25 people a day.  That can be higher, but I set limits and restrictions to who follows me.

Come on... You're kidding, right?

Not at all.  Keep reading and we'll get into the meat and potatoes of this.

This is perfect for small businesses, personal bloggers, non-profit organizations, winning bets, etc.
Keep reading after the break...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Flex Your Rights... and WIN! - CONTEST TIME!!!

It's now time for a review AND a GIVEAWAY!!!

 First thing's first... The review...

So, have you ever been driving along, minding your own business and you pulled over for seemingly no reason?  It happens to the best of us and though we have nothing to hide, that lump in your throat still shows up just in time to stir up some nerves.

Well, how do you handle it?  What if the officer wants you to step out of your car?  If he asks, do you let him search it?  I mean, if you have nothing to hide, then it should be okay...right?  WRONG!!! This is a common argument, but those old people with the white wigs on back in the late 1700's wanted to make sure you had one thing...RIGHTS!

Rights are not earned, they are a privilege of living in this great country.  Why not use them?  You can lose them, forfeit them, or have them imposed upon, but you can also "Flex Your Rights" and use them to keep from having any of the above happen to you.

So what are you getting at?

A while back, I was browsing the web and somehow made it to YouTube videos of police brutality.  Moving from one topic to another, I found a video about how to deal with a common traffic stop.  It lead me to more videos by the same author and eventually to their website.

After watching most of their videos on YouTube and reading through their website, I was hooked.  I felt empowered and more confident on how to handle myself around police, even though I had no reason to fear. (I occasionally speed, but that's about it)  There are a few things you can easily take away from this website and/or video and one will follow, but you should check out the site yourself for some more.

Flex Your Rights

"I'm sorry, but I do not consent to a searches." - That's not an admission of ANYTHING and cannot be taken as so.

The website will link to their Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

So why should I care?

We have rights for a reason.  To use them.  The video will explain how the police are allowed to lie to you, manipulate you, and pressure you.  They also uncover some tactics that are commonly used to try and trick or trap you into letting them search you, your vehicle, and/or your home without the proper legal right.

Now don't let me get you to thinking that all police are out to get you.  I had a Highway Patrol officer pull me over and ask me to step out of my car once.  He simply told me to come to the back of my car and see that my tired were looking worn and I should consider getting some new ones for my safety and the safety of others.  I thanked him, returned to my car and left.  No big deal, right?  RIGHT!  But there are other situations that don't end the same way.

So what if I am in the wrong?

Even more reason you should own this DVD and read EVERY SINGLE WORD on the above website.  For instance, did you know???

"...police may conduct a pat down (frisk) of the outside of your clothing to check for weapons, but only if they have a basis for suspecting you're armed.

If they feel a hard item that might be a weapon, police may reach into your pockets. Sometimes officers reach into suspects' pockets looking for drugs even if they don't feel a weapon. This is common, but it's illegal.
Police may ask you to reveal the contents of your pockets. Just like other search requests, you have the right to refuse."

WOW, I never knew that!

That's right, and neither did I until I found this website.  I encourage you to look at their site, buy their DVD (they are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit geared at educating the public), and protect yourself by using a TRUE advocate for the American public.  They also teach your about how to deal if you are not a citizen.

So in summation, check out Flex Your Rights and even use the AMAZON link above to buy the DVD.  It's a must have for everyone and come highly recommended by anyone I have ever known to have seen it.


Fine, fine... You can have one for free with a little bit of luck and a few simple steps.

We have finally been able to host a contest and I am excited to give away two (2) copies of the "10 Rules for Dealing with the Police" DVD.

Sponsorship:  This contest is officially sponsored by Gulf Coast Alarm, LLC.  

     Gulf Coast Alarm, LLC is a Florida based home security company.  They offer alarm systems to meet all budgets with a fast and friendly staff.  They offer monitoring via web, iPhone, Android, etc. as well as CCTV, with remote and onsite storage options.  If you are in the State of Florida and are interested in services offered, please call (888) 648-5484 or email

Value:  Each prize is valued at $15.00USD a piece.
Selection: Two winners will be selected to receive one DVD based on eligible comment number by a random number generator.  Multiple entries will be denied, please don't try it, it only makes more work for me.
Eligibility: Must be a US or Canada resident. 18 years of age or older (I'm not going to ask). Must be prepared to give me your mailing address and phone number for shipping.  And you must complete the steps below to win.


Three simple steps:

1.) Follow me on Twitter @iccee - ICCEE on TWITTER
2.) Tweet the following verbatim - "I just entered to win a @FlexYourRights DVD from @iccee - Sponsored by @gulfcoastalarm - ENTER HERE at #contest #giveaway" or CLICK HERE
3.) Comment: Visit the site FLEX YOUR RIGHTS and tell me something you learned or liked.  Also comment telling me you did step one and step two. If you can put the permalink, it will help.
4.) Click on an ad for me. Just one. This is optional, as I have no way to know if you did, but it'll help me out and I can stop with the ads on my links. I'd do it for you... Just one, a big graphical one... :)  Thanks.

Drawing: Because this blog is still so young and trying to gain viewership and a following, the drawing will commence after 200 entries.  Please tell your friends and have them enter so that the time comes quicker.  Once I reach the 200 entries, I'll announce a draw date and the winner will be notified via Twitter.  The winner will then have 48 hours to claim their prize or will forfeit to another winner to be drawn immediately.  This will continue until entire supply is exhausted.

Don't forget... Tell a friend! and here's a video from their YouTube page for your enjoyment. 

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
10 Rules for Dealing with Police

Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Reach Me - And Upcoming Reviews


So here's what's new...

My last review was of some instant mashed potatoes by Idahoan and that actually got some good views.  Idahoan even found it (I was excited that they did) and posted a link from their Twitter and their Facebook accounts to the review and had nice things to say about me.  I appreciated that.

So here is what is coming up and some good information.

HOW TO REACH ME (to review your product)

Everyone knows that the best way to get your name out there is to get your items reviewed and maybe even give away something to your target audience.  How can you do that?  Simple... get in touch with me and I will review anything you want.  The quickest way to get a hold of me is either email or on twitter.


I'm an average, normal person who will give praise where it belongs and will gently discuss the downside (if there are any) that I see.  In no way will any of my reviews or demonstrations cover everything if it is a complex device, but I will do my best to show off the most common uses, the best things about it, and anything else that may be helpful to potential consumers.

Now, things I am in the market for and once I get them, I'll most likely review them. (hint-hint if you want something reviewed)

Tablet (iPad, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, etc)
Cell phone (mine is on its last leg and I need a new smartphone)
Accessories for Square (the credit card processor)
Informational DVDs, Websites, Books, etc.
eReader (if I don't get a tablet first)

And as always, household products like cleaners, cookwear, oral care, razors, etc will always be in need.  I also like reviewing easy too cook food products.

A good deal by way of coupon or a sample or even a free unit will be the quickest way to have me go on about how great you are for sending me something to test or try and review. (Just saying)

So what are you reviewing next?

That's a good question.  I have a couple things planned and next week will probably be a website review.  I've found a great informational site that I think everyone can use and I'll give my opinions on it and hopefully help someone.

If I get something that is meant to improve my life or efficiency, then I'll do it two.  We'll see what happens.  Either way, tell a friend to follow my twitter or my blog, click on an ad, or drop me an idea for something to review.  I'd be more than happy to do it and let's keep this thing going.

Thanks :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Idahoan Mashed Potato Cups

Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes (single serving cup)

If you've ever tried potatoes in a box, you know it's a tricky thing to find one that's good.  If you've ever tried Idahoan brand, you'll know it can be a little tricky to cook them right, but once you do, you won't hesitate to buy them again.

While I was browsing through the grocery store the other day, I was wandering down the aisle that has all the mac n cheese, potatoes, pasta, etc and I saw in a basket off the shelf these little cups.  They were a dollar a piece, but the special on them this week was Buy One, Get One.  I grabbed two and threw them in the cart and was on my way.

The next day, I was sitting at home and was starting to get hungry for something other than junk food.  I remembered that I had dropped a buck on those potato cups and thought I'd go make some.  I read the instruction, prepared it, ate it, and rather enjoyed it.  Nice and buttery, easy to make, not all that bad for you.

I decided to review this for two reasons.  I know a lot of people can appreciate a quick snack of mashed potatoes and I really enjoyed this one.  Details after the video.

Pros: Quick, easy, cheap, tasty, perfect portions
Cons: A lot of sodium (about a 3rd of DV), potential allergies (Milk, Soy), flatware cleanup is a little tough

This comes highly recommended for a few target groups.  College students who don't always want top ramen and hot pocket, after school snack for high school kids trying to bulk up the old fashioned way, and this is also an amazing side to your work lunch when you bring leftovers that almost require some kind of hearty side.

In conclusion, 4 out of 5 Stars on this one.  I am not a label reader, so the sodium deal is not an issue to me.  Prepackaged foods always are high in sodium and I only put salt on eggs, so I think I'm good with that.  Great snack (I'm eating one now) and is a bit filling when you want something to be.  I might not pay a dollar a piece, but I'd buy the 4 or 6 pack at a cost of like $.75 a piece.

If you want any info on the app I used to convert the microwave times, please click on the link to download it from the Apple Store.  I really like this app, and I have given it 5 Stars in the app store.  If nothing else, please download it (it's free) and rate it 5-Stars for the developer.  MICROWAVE_CONVERTER_APP

If you liked this review, please click an ad or something.  I don't get paid for this, but with enough clicks on ads, I might hahaha  Thanks and if you have any questions, ask away!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

EVERYBODY CHROMERCISE!!! (Just For Practice...)

Alright, well, I was quick enough on April 1st to get on the list for the Google Chrome Finger Sweatbands.

When they came in, I didn't know what I should do with them, so I made a review video of the unboxing and played around with them.  They work well as kitten sweat bands (see left), but they are a little wonky to type with.

I am actually typing this with the finger bands on.  I am not making too many mistakes (no more than usual) but they are making my finger tips cold.

Now that I have them and have reviewed them... Now what?  I guess they'll stay on my desk for a while longer and then I'll end up putting them on something and forget about them.

Conclusion?  Google's a cool company.  They do fun things like this that mean absolutely nothing, but it creates a small diversion and gets their name out some more.  For the sake of the purpose of the bands, I'll add two links before the video if you want to check it out.

Get Google Chrome: (My favorite browser since they allowed plug-ins and I moved from Firefox)


Everybody Chromercise!!! (Fun site to kill a few minutes with.)

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