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How To: Get More Twitter Followers For Free! (No Follow Back Required)

How'd you get so many followers? You're not THAT interesting...

True... I may not be terribly interesting, but something has brought you to this site, right?  Yeah, you probably saw the title and thought, "I'm cheap/broke and I want to increase my Twitter followership for (whatever reason)."  Guess what?  I can help you dominate your circle, your city, etc.  Best of all, I can do it ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

Common questions about the method I'm going to show you below are as follows...
1.) Do I have to pay anything? At all? - NO! Not unless you want to.
2.) Do I have to tweet stupid ads or anything? - NO!!! I hate those and refuse to subject you to that.
3.) Do I have to follow a bunch of people? - NEVER!!! I haven't followed anyone I don't want to yet.
4.) What's the catch? - Do you have about 6 hours? If so, then there's no catch at all! (Though donations are appreciated).
5.) So how do I know this works? - You don't! But I personally gain about 25 people a day.  That can be higher, but I set limits and restrictions to who follows me.

Come on... You're kidding, right?

Not at all.  Keep reading and we'll get into the meat and potatoes of this.

This is perfect for small businesses, personal bloggers, non-profit organizations, winning bets, etc.
Keep reading after the break...

GET ON WITH IT!!! (Monty Python Reference)

Okay, okay... Your time is obviously more precious than mine, so let's get started, shall we?


Your Twitter Friends (Twiends) are what make your twitter profile popular (or not).  As everyone knows, the quickest way to lose followers is to be annoying, to spam, only retweet, or you just aren't original or relevant. How many people have you unfollowed because you just got tired of seeing their picture and reading their stupid tweets.  I have, so keep that in mind as you start growing your brand.

Firstly, go to TWIENDS by CLICKING HERE.  Yes, I get referral credits for this, so please use the link since I'm giving away all my secrets for free. Now... Sign up by just signing in with Twitter.

Once you have signed in, there are a couple of things you need to do to set yourself up for success.  First is to sign up for the newletter.  They give you 50 "Seeds" (I'll show you how to use them later) toward gaining your following.  Click "SEEDS" and then "FREE".  See below...
Once you get your email address on their mailing list, they'll send you a voucher and on occasion, they'll send you free seeds to your email, so it's worth not blocking them.  They don't send that many newletters.

"You offer seeds to others as an incentive for them to follow you. They can then use the seeds to do the same. It is purely a mechanism for encouraging people to check each other out, and it works. You can change how many seeds you offer people in the settings page. Different people will offer varying levels of seeds depending on their personal choice. "
Basically, seeds are currency on this site and can be earned and spent by following on Twitter, liking and Facebook, and watching YouTube videos.  That's coming next.


Next, let's go into the settings options by clicking "SETTINGS" at the top left of the page.  First is your personal info that you should probably fill out.  There are also Facebook and YouTube settings here, but we're focusing on Twitter for this post.  Once you update your personal settings, go to the Twitter settings tab and click the small EDIT button.  The image below will pop up...
Okay, here is where you start getting your followers.  How many "SEEDS" do you want to give to each person who follows you?  Mine is currently set at 2 seeds per follow.  I get around 25 followers a day for my 2 seeds a follow.  I also only want people who are quality followers who are not known to have a high drop rate and have also been members more than two weeks.  If you increase your seed distribution number, you'll exhaust your seeds much more quickly, but you'll also gain followers more quickly.


I suggest going to the YouTube tab first.  If you want to gain seeds by following Twitter users, you can, but that's not how you want to do it.  (*Remember, if you follow and then drop a lot, that's call "Churning" and Twiends along with Twitter will end up suspending or banning your account.  Basically, just don't do it.)

Now that we are at the YouTube tab, you'll see anywhere from 9 to 3 seeds just for watching a YouTube video.  Since you are playing it safe and only giving away 2 seeds right now, you'll be able to build up a seed base (like you can see I have) and prepare to reap the benefits.

Once you click "TWIEND" on one of the videos, you'll see the video pop up.
Once you click play, the pop up will show you how long you have to watch the video before you get your seeds.  In this case, I only had to watch some guy play the guitar on his phone for 50 seconds.  I got 4 seeds and I go on to the next one.  If it didn't play or had errors, I could have used the "SKIP" button to report it broken and move on to the next one.  Though there aren't always 9 seed videos available, they do come periodically, so I'll show you how to find them.

 I've watched the requirement.  Now what?  The bottom right shows you that you got credit and you can move on.  Once you finish a video, you go back to the lounge where you can see how many seeds you can get for each video.  I personally don't pay too much attention to the lounge because I typically have another tab open and my volume off, so the videos run in the background and I go about my business.  60 seconds later I check on it, get my credit and click on another one.

So I can open multiple tabs and double my efforts? - NO!

No, you'll get this screen if you try that.  You can also get this screen if you click refresh too quickly and too many times.  Sometimes you only get 3 seed videos and you want to refresh for a 9 video to come up.  It's possible, but don't click too quickly or they'll cool you off.  Here's what that looks like.
It's not a big deal though.  Go get a drink and by the time you come back, it'll probably be good again.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

So does it really seem like that much work?  Nah... I've got about 2 hours a day for like 2 weeks into keeping my seed count over 1000.  Those 1000 seeds are worth 500 followers to me.  If I wanted them quicker, I could give 3 or 4 seeds to get a few hundred quicker, but I'm not interested in that right now.

I'm an expert now... Now what?

Great! You've been listening and you've got 500 seeds and you are comfortable with the level of followers you are getting.  You are getting tired of watching all of those videos though.  (and yes, most of them are terrible, but mute helps!)  They have a referral program as shown below.
Since all of your new followers aren't from Twiends, you can still introduce some by clicking the TWEET button or giving out your link.  When your friends ask, "How'd you jump in followers so quickly?" you can give them your referral link and earn 25 seeds when they start the program.  You can also give them this guide to help them.  You can also use the other parts of the site to follow a few people on twitter if you want (though not the point) to earn some quick seeds.  You can like Facebook pages, but remember, everyone on Facebook will see you as a spammer too.

To not look like a desperate spammer, use the YouTube method.  You don't have to follow, like, or pay anyone.  I'd buy seeds (and they sell them) before I'd follow anyone I don't want to, but there are others out there who will follow you and you'll grow quickly.  Take advantage of it...

I know why you are here... You don't want to spend any money.  I will still remind you that all donations (click the link at the top) are appreciated, but that's not the spirit of this post... Let someone else pay me.  Click an ad for me.  Find a big graphical one and I'll thank you all day long for it. Or just TWEET IT!

Don't forget to FOLLOW ME and SIGN UP FOR TWIENDS with my referral link.

If you still want to spend some money, buy a Kindle and a Twitter marketing book... Links below...

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