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Flex Your Rights... and WIN! - CONTEST TIME!!!

It's now time for a review AND a GIVEAWAY!!!

 First thing's first... The review...

So, have you ever been driving along, minding your own business and you pulled over for seemingly no reason?  It happens to the best of us and though we have nothing to hide, that lump in your throat still shows up just in time to stir up some nerves.

Well, how do you handle it?  What if the officer wants you to step out of your car?  If he asks, do you let him search it?  I mean, if you have nothing to hide, then it should be okay...right?  WRONG!!! This is a common argument, but those old people with the white wigs on back in the late 1700's wanted to make sure you had one thing...RIGHTS!

Rights are not earned, they are a privilege of living in this great country.  Why not use them?  You can lose them, forfeit them, or have them imposed upon, but you can also "Flex Your Rights" and use them to keep from having any of the above happen to you.

So what are you getting at?

A while back, I was browsing the web and somehow made it to YouTube videos of police brutality.  Moving from one topic to another, I found a video about how to deal with a common traffic stop.  It lead me to more videos by the same author and eventually to their website.

After watching most of their videos on YouTube and reading through their website, I was hooked.  I felt empowered and more confident on how to handle myself around police, even though I had no reason to fear. (I occasionally speed, but that's about it)  There are a few things you can easily take away from this website and/or video and one will follow, but you should check out the site yourself for some more.

Flex Your Rights

"I'm sorry, but I do not consent to a searches." - That's not an admission of ANYTHING and cannot be taken as so.

The website will link to their Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

So why should I care?

We have rights for a reason.  To use them.  The video will explain how the police are allowed to lie to you, manipulate you, and pressure you.  They also uncover some tactics that are commonly used to try and trick or trap you into letting them search you, your vehicle, and/or your home without the proper legal right.

Now don't let me get you to thinking that all police are out to get you.  I had a Highway Patrol officer pull me over and ask me to step out of my car once.  He simply told me to come to the back of my car and see that my tired were looking worn and I should consider getting some new ones for my safety and the safety of others.  I thanked him, returned to my car and left.  No big deal, right?  RIGHT!  But there are other situations that don't end the same way.

So what if I am in the wrong?

Even more reason you should own this DVD and read EVERY SINGLE WORD on the above website.  For instance, did you know???

"...police may conduct a pat down (frisk) of the outside of your clothing to check for weapons, but only if they have a basis for suspecting you're armed.

If they feel a hard item that might be a weapon, police may reach into your pockets. Sometimes officers reach into suspects' pockets looking for drugs even if they don't feel a weapon. This is common, but it's illegal.
Police may ask you to reveal the contents of your pockets. Just like other search requests, you have the right to refuse."

WOW, I never knew that!

That's right, and neither did I until I found this website.  I encourage you to look at their site, buy their DVD (they are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit geared at educating the public), and protect yourself by using a TRUE advocate for the American public.  They also teach your about how to deal if you are not a citizen.

So in summation, check out Flex Your Rights and even use the AMAZON link above to buy the DVD.  It's a must have for everyone and come highly recommended by anyone I have ever known to have seen it.


Fine, fine... You can have one for free with a little bit of luck and a few simple steps.

We have finally been able to host a contest and I am excited to give away two (2) copies of the "10 Rules for Dealing with the Police" DVD.

Sponsorship:  This contest is officially sponsored by Gulf Coast Alarm, LLC.  

     Gulf Coast Alarm, LLC is a Florida based home security company.  They offer alarm systems to meet all budgets with a fast and friendly staff.  They offer monitoring via web, iPhone, Android, etc. as well as CCTV, with remote and onsite storage options.  If you are in the State of Florida and are interested in services offered, please call (888) 648-5484 or email

Value:  Each prize is valued at $15.00USD a piece.
Selection: Two winners will be selected to receive one DVD based on eligible comment number by a random number generator.  Multiple entries will be denied, please don't try it, it only makes more work for me.
Eligibility: Must be a US or Canada resident. 18 years of age or older (I'm not going to ask). Must be prepared to give me your mailing address and phone number for shipping.  And you must complete the steps below to win.


Three simple steps:

1.) Follow me on Twitter @iccee - ICCEE on TWITTER
2.) Tweet the following verbatim - "I just entered to win a @FlexYourRights DVD from @iccee - Sponsored by @gulfcoastalarm - ENTER HERE at #contest #giveaway" or CLICK HERE
3.) Comment: Visit the site FLEX YOUR RIGHTS and tell me something you learned or liked.  Also comment telling me you did step one and step two. If you can put the permalink, it will help.
4.) Click on an ad for me. Just one. This is optional, as I have no way to know if you did, but it'll help me out and I can stop with the ads on my links. I'd do it for you... Just one, a big graphical one... :)  Thanks.

Drawing: Because this blog is still so young and trying to gain viewership and a following, the drawing will commence after 200 entries.  Please tell your friends and have them enter so that the time comes quicker.  Once I reach the 200 entries, I'll announce a draw date and the winner will be notified via Twitter.  The winner will then have 48 hours to claim their prize or will forfeit to another winner to be drawn immediately.  This will continue until entire supply is exhausted.

Don't forget... Tell a friend! and here's a video from their YouTube page for your enjoyment. 

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
10 Rules for Dealing with Police

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