DIY : Credit Repair

This page is the supplement to the DIY: Do It Yourself Credit Repair blog which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Once you get the chance to read the DIY: CREDIT REPAIR post you may realize that it will benefit you to actually Do It Yourself when it comes to Credit Repair as it will save you hundreds of dollars and help protect your identity.

So, let's get you what you need.  Keep in mind that most Credit Repair Companies will typically charge over $1500 for their services (YES! ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS or MORE!) and typically don't protect your information like they should.  Since most companies also charge a "Set-up Fee" or "Administration Fee" of typically $75-$150 dollars on top of your credit repair, you can save even more.


  • Read THE GUIDE
  • Update the information on your driver's license or ID card and Get a clear copy of it.
  • Find your Social Security Card and Get a clear copy of it.
  • Collect a current Utility Bill. (Cable, Telephone (not cellular), Internet) or Bank Statement. (Address MUST match your Driver's License.
  • Don't forget, you'll need a copy of your credit report.  

You can get a free trial that offer all 3 full reports with scores by CLICKING HERE

Credit Repair Packages may be purchased below via PayPal or Credit Card*.

Trial Package One (To See How It Works):  $150.00
  • 1 Simple Dispute Letter (used for correcting personal info and collection accounts).
  • 24-48 Hour email delivery.

Trial Package Two (Continued from Trial One):  $250.00
  • 1 Simple Inquiry Dispute Letter (useful for helping get inquires off)
  • 1 Level 2 Dispute Letters for Negative Accounts
  • 1 personal email correspondence (you tell me what happened after package one and I give advice)
  • 24-48 Hour email delivery.

Silver Package: $500
  • 1 Level One Dispute Letter
  • 1 Level Two Dispute Letter
  • 1 Hard Inquiry Dispute Letter
  • 1 Follow Up Letter - If Level Two letter is not acknowledged.
  • 2 Personal email correspondence.
  • 24-48 Hour email delivery

Gold Package: $600
  • Silver Package
  • Level 3 Dispute Letter
  • 1 Medical Collection Dispute Letter
  • 1 Public Record Dispute Letter or Dismissed Bankruptcy Removal Letter
  • 24-48 Hour email delivery

PLATINUM PACKAGE (Best Deal): $750
     Get all of your credit repair needs for less than a thousand dollars!
  • Gold Package
  • Request To Remove Outdated Information Letter
  • Level 4 Dispute Letter
  • Opt-out Letter for Junk Mail List Removal
  • 5 Personal email correspondence.
  • 24-48 Hour email delivery

A La Carte: $Varies
  • If you have special needs, please CONTACT ME for the prices of individual letters to be sent directly to creditors, directly to collection agencies, or further help with public records.

*Note: All packages are non-refundable.  By purchasing, you agree that you will not, under any circumstances, initiate any refund, dispute, charge-back, etc with your credit card company and/or PayPal.  You also agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and once the payment clears and the packages are sent via email, they are your responsibility as you will not expect any re-submission for any reason.  You will also agree that by purchasing the above packages that you do not hold anyone other than yourself liable for your credit repair, credit worthiness, and/or potential damages caused to you credit as a result of using the letters bought.  These packages/letters are presented to be used for education only and you agree that you are the only person/company to be liable for what you do with the letters.  If you do not agree to these terms, do not purchase.  Lastly, you agree that you will provide a valid email address for delivery of the packages and any typographical errors made in filling out your email address that may hinder the delivery of your packages is solely your responsibility and you understand that packages will only be mailed out once.
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