Thursday, April 21, 2011

EVERYBODY CHROMERCISE!!! (Just For Practice...)

Alright, well, I was quick enough on April 1st to get on the list for the Google Chrome Finger Sweatbands.

When they came in, I didn't know what I should do with them, so I made a review video of the unboxing and played around with them.  They work well as kitten sweat bands (see left), but they are a little wonky to type with.

I am actually typing this with the finger bands on.  I am not making too many mistakes (no more than usual) but they are making my finger tips cold.

Now that I have them and have reviewed them... Now what?  I guess they'll stay on my desk for a while longer and then I'll end up putting them on something and forget about them.

Conclusion?  Google's a cool company.  They do fun things like this that mean absolutely nothing, but it creates a small diversion and gets their name out some more.  For the sake of the purpose of the bands, I'll add two links before the video if you want to check it out.

Get Google Chrome: (My favorite browser since they allowed plug-ins and I moved from Firefox)


Everybody Chromercise!!! (Fun site to kill a few minutes with.)

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