Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Android Shipping App - Tracking Software

Okay, so today I am back from vacation and I actually have things to blog about.  Cool huh?  Yeah, It's been a while, but it's all gonna be okay.

So what do I have for you today?  PACKAGE BUDDY for Android.  I recently acquired an Android OS phone and I have been on the search or some of the best apps out there.

I enjoy getting mail and love tracking packages as they are on their way to me.  I also ship a moderate amount of packages and l like to know when they are received.

Introducing PACKAGE BUDDY.

You download it, start it up, and work out your settings, and add a tracking number.  Now the links I have included are for the $1.49 version of the app, but there is also a free version that is ad supported.

What is my favorite thing about it?  Bar Code Scanning!!!

If you go to their WEBSITE you can enter your tracking info and they will create a QR code which you can scan into their software with your phone's camera.  You can also scan the actual shipping barcode to input tracking information.  I have a UPS package outgoing today and I was able to scan it and now I'll know when it gets back to Amazon safely.

You can also pull up a map to see the routing of the tracked package with Google Maps.  It's worth at least checking out.  I'll be donating by buying the ad-free version and if you like it, you should too.  These guys actually made a great app and should be rewarded appropriately.

Also, the free version is not a "lite" version or anything like that.  The only difference is ads and I have much respect for any developer that will not cripple their own software just to try and get to you pay for a "PRO" version.

Have a good one and feel free to leave some feedback.

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