Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahh, Elvira...

I Gotta Have A Halloween Posting, Right?

Well, something has occurred to me that many have probably thought of before, but there are a couple of things that simply go with Halloween when discussing pop-culture.

Halloween (The Movie)
Charlie Brown Halloween Special (I got it on Blu-Ray this year!)
Trick or Treat (of course)

So what's the big deal about Elvira you ask?  Simple... She's got the sex appeal, the sarcastic, yet funny, remarks during movies, and the number one selling female Halloween costume of all time. (unconfirmed, but I read that somewhere)

Wait, She's How Old?!?

Anyway, so let's talk just a few fun facts about the wonderful Elvira.  Born in 1951, Elvira is 60 years old.  You read that right... SIXTY!  We all know that's pretty amazing since she still looks about the same once she's in makeup and has her hair on.

So given how long she's been in the public eye, there isn't much mystery around the woman (Cassandra Peterson) who is Elvira, but there is some interesting little tidbits that can be found out when researched.  Her age is one of the things that I did not expect, but then again, she's being doing her Movie Macabre since I was born.

She Has A Personal Life Too!

Yeah, she's not just Elvira, she also is a real person and mostly a vegetarian. She hits the gym almost daily and she supports PETA.  Just a few tidbits... I'll give a few more and then wrap it up after the pictures below.

Last few facts.

Born: Cassandra Peterson (September 17, 1951)
Dated Elvis briefly (according to her Wikipedia Page)
Worked as a Go-Go Dancer, Showgirl, and Actor (Yes, nudes if you look for them)
Measurements: 34-21-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
Although she has appeared in nude layouts, she has never appeared nude as the Elvira character.
Her website charges $45.00 for an autographed 8x10

Well, that's the long and short of it... There's more info on her IMDB, Wikipedia, or her own website if you care or dare to take a stare... Also, don't forget to follow me on here or on twitter or the likes... (To watch some of her stuff on HULU)

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